Security Day Brighton


The Evolution of Ransomware

Dan Raywood

From Stuxnet to Stuck Without the Net – Payments to release victims from ransomware keep on being made, and the noisy yet infectious malware snares all sorts of victims in a variety of business verticals. Also, the changeable rate of Bitcoin means that payments can fluctuate depending on the exchange rate – and whether your attacker is ‘kind’ enough to ask for a fixed fee.

In this talk I will look at the evolution of ransomware from an irritant to an epidemic, the security factors (encryption, phishing, user fallibility, immediacy) that have contributed to ransomware being a successful vector, examine cases of “success” for ransomware and why they happened, and ask what the industry should be doing to ensure that people do not fall victim anymore.


IT Industry Trends

Sue Gilkes

The future is now. With increasing frequency, this assertion seems to find its way into commentary addressing the state of technology. Recent advances have made the leap from what is typically characterised as interesting or cool to what can only be described as mind-blowing. Pick your science fiction reference whether The Jetsons, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Black Mirror ,to name a few, and it’s not hard to see what was once considered futuristic technology all around us. CompTIA’s scan of the technology and scape points to another year of innovation, growth, and of course, a few surprises


Protecting your Workplace with ESET

Mark James

Keeping safe from today’s modern threat landscape is not easy, ESET can help with a lot more than just Anti-Virus, being aware of how you can protect yourself and your business can make a difference in today’s defences. ESET IT Security Specialist Mark James provides a comprehensive overview of our award-winning business security products. From endpoints to servers, Windows to Mac, mobile to desktop, we have a product to help keep your precious company data safe and secure. Find out more about the latest features in ESET Endpoint Antivirus, how ESET Virtualization Security could benefit you and other products, to help your company achieve data compliance standards and much more.