Analysis of the Sony Pictures Attack
Dan Raywood – Editor, IT Security Guru

We see many stories on breaches, attacks and leaks, but the attack on Sony Pictures in late 2014 became one of the most reported on and persistent stories in cyber security history.

In this talk, security journalist and editor of IT Security Guru Dan Raywood will look at the timeline of events, the attribution trail, the rumours on how it was achieved and how the press saw and interpreted it.

Protecting Your Workplace
Mark James  – ESET UK  Security Specialist

As technology in businesses evolves so do the cyber security threats companies face on a daily basis. In his presentation Mark James will look at the main areas of security companies should be aware of and how to defend against threats in these areas. He will also discuss some of the often overlooked areas of a good workplace security policy and provide tips and techniques for securing your business

Detecting and Visualising Phishing
Edward Apeh – Lecturer, Bournemouth Universtiy

One of the on-going Cyber Analytics research work at Bournemouth University is focused on developing algorithms and analytical systems for automatically detecting phishing in cyberspace (in particular email-phishing).

In this talk Edward will look at the nature of information flow in a phishing process and the economic impact of phishing. He will also give an insight into the on-going research work by his team at the Cyber Security Unit at Bournemouth University to automatically detect phishing emails.